Syndicate 58/6

Premium Blended Scotch Whisky

About Syndicate 58/6

In 1958 a rare blend of Scotch malt and grain whiskies was discovered in 10 Oak casks in the Port
of Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland in a warehouse owned by William Muir Bond 9 Limited (Estd.1823)
The whisky was originally distilled in 1954 and the recipe, created by Marshall Taplow (Estd. London 1760), dates back to the 1800s and has been enjoyed by Royalty and the British Aristocracy.
In 1966 a small quantity of the blend, which was now 12 Years Old, was bottled for the private use of the Directors of William Muir Bond 9 Limited and a selected number of their friends. A total of six individuals comprising lawyers, accountants and bankers were instrumental in forming what became known as Syndicate 58/6 – hence the name.
Over the years and by the mid 1980s the Syndicate had expanded significantly. The members, who came from all over the United Kingdom were personal friends or friends of friends and now include Members of the House of Lords, High Court Judges and a wide range of leading professionals from the business world.
The Syndicate 58/6 has grown into a highly discerning club of individuals who really appreciate and enjoy the whisky. Quality and consistency has been

maintained over the years by operating a ‘Solera’ system whereby when additional whiskies are added they are then reblended with the older stock.

This exceptional blend has been ‘married’ and finally matured in first-fill 4 year old Oloroso Sherry Casks which are imported directly from Spain.
The final marrying and maturation process serves
to give the whisky its uniquely smooth and distinctive taste.
The Selected Reserve Cask Release is based on the original blend recipe but substantially enhanced with the inclusion of additional aged Speyside Malts.
These casks are only bottled once
the Master Blender determines that the whisky has matured to its perfection.
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Master Blender

The Young RICHARD PATERSON was the Master Blender who re-created the blend in the 1960’s.

The Taste Experience

A fusion of complex and intriguing aromas;

Oloroso sherried oak and caramelised tangerines. Seductive opulence meets the palate with Manuka honey dipped ginger brioche. The finest aged whiskies linger and glow in the aftertaste.